How about a change!

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How about a change!

Our hair color and hairstyle are large parts of our identity. When we change our hairstyle and/or color we mentally take on a different persona not only to people who know us but, happily enough, we feel a change within ourselves. Here are 5 reasons to think about changing your hair color and/or style.

  1. Change is good. Change can be refreshing. Change can be uplifting.  Some experts say, women change their hairstyles as much as 104 times during their lifetime!
  2. Pamper yourself. Walk into a great hair salon and get pampered. Get a trim, a rinse and a new shade of color. At the very least, you’ll come out with an added spring in your step. Might as well go all out and get a mani-pedi too.  You deserve it!
  3. Transform your image. One of the top five reasons women change their hair is because they want to reinvent themselves. It could be a break-up, moving to a new city, a new boyfriend, or a new job. Or maybe it’s just a yearning for something different. Get out of your rut, change it up.
  4. Defy age. Who wants to look their age? When we are young we want to look older. And when we are older we want to look younger. A hairstyle can add a few years (if that’s really what you’re looking for) or better yet, it can trim a few off. Go to a trusted salon and have the confidence to leave the styling up to them.
  5. Embrace a new perspective. I think changing our hair can change our life and our perspective on things. It may sound silly, but new hair alters our confidence, attitude and sometimes our personality. It’s hard to have a good day when we have a bad hair day but it’s hard to have a bad day with great hair!

Whether you like your hair long, short or buzzed. Natural or added color. All kinds of looks. With a change of hairstyle you can change your life! Schedule an appointment and let’s see what we can do with your doo!

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