Hair Care

I love doing hair for the same reason I love to do therapeutic massage. I just like helping people feel better about themselves. A great haircut just makes you feel perkier. Updating your look can change your whole attitude and outlook.

The type of hair clients I work with tend to be people who are roughly 25-50 years old, prefer to have an up-to-date look, and are just down-to-earth, caring, nice people. Interestingly, I just don’t tend to attract high maintenance people. I always say that I tend to have middle of the road clients. My clients are like Taurus and LeSabre clients. I have a few Lexus clients and a few Chevettes, but mostly Taurus and LeSabres. It’s a funny way to look at it maybe, but that’s the way I think.

My clients tend to want a personal relationship with their stylist. They want a stylist who knows them well enough to make suggestions, let them know when they need an update, or even, on occasion, pick them up for their hair appointment when the car breaks down at the wrong time.

I am very lucky that I end up becoming friends with many of my clients. Clients just stop in when they see my vehicle to say “hi;” tell me how their job interview went; or just have a cup of tea or coffee and chat a while.

I love the pop in visits. It adds an element of fun to my day to see someone I didn’t expect to see. Those visits let me know that I have succeeded in my goal of building real relationships with my clients.

Get a good haircut as maintenance on yourself. Take care of your look as you would take care of your car!


Your image has a dramatic impact on the way people receive you.

I might hate that fact, but it’s true.

Actually, this one fact created a lot of turmoil for me as a kid. I felt like the ugly duckling. And, really, when I went into hair styling, I wasn’t aware of what I was really doing. But the way it ended up is that I began a profession so that I could help other people never feel like the ugly duckling.

I want other people to feel and look as beautiful as they really are (although most people don’t really understand how beautiful they are.)

I want their external image to match their real beauty.

And, I want people to be so beautiful that everything about their external image supports the person they are and their goals in life. If you want toget a new job, get yourself a new haircut and make sure that before you walk into the interview you look as great as you feel! If you want a quick pick-me-up, then get in here and let me give you a quick hair update! You can change your whole day just by changing your hair.

Honestly, this may sound weird to some people, but just today, I got my hair highlighted – solely because I was feeling like a dowdy soccer mom. That happens a lot in hair salons. People have a day where things don’t feel right and they get their hair highlighted, trimmed, or just styled by someone else to add that “touch of special” to their day.

Hair styling sometimes involves a little “tough love.” Women tend to want to keep the hair we had when we were 16. We let ourselves remain with an outdated style that fits who we used to be but doesn’t fit our current lives or the times.

When I’ve known a client for a long time and have a strong relationship with them, I will on occasion say, “Honey, I love you, but this is not working. It’s time to move on.” It’s the tough love thing – I want people to look, feel and be their best.

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